Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It has been wonderful to be home. We arrived around 7:30 Friday night, just in time to have a cupcake and celebrate Darren's birthday, what a birthday gift. So far things seem to be going well, he feels a little better each day and his kidney is definitely doing at least one part of its job (every hour on the hour!)

Today, Sunday, was spent at the hospital doing the last of the induction therapy sessions. He'll be back again tomorrow for labs and medication adjustments, then again on Wednesday and Friday this week. I'm pretty sure his lab appointments will be about 3 days a week for a month or so, then slowly taper off if things are going well. We don't know what his current creatinine level is, so we're anxious to find out tomorrow. They said it could take a week or more to creep down to the level it needs to be (under 2.0), so continue to pray that it keeps doing its job and Darren's body accepts this new organ.

It's really hard to believe that a week ago today was Darren's first day out of surgery, so much has changed. Not only getting a new lease on life, but the small things how much better he feels and looks after such a major surgery. We continue to be in awe at all that has transpired in such a short amount of time, his life has been forever changed by the choice of one's humbling to think about.

I don't have the kind of pensive time I had at the hospital, coming home means back to life... full swing (and then some!). But I will continue to update this blog as we get news...especially since all of you are now such kidney experts (by force). Thank you for your continued support and prayers, I really can't begin to express how thankful we are for all of you.

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  1. What a sweet celebration. So good to see Darren at home. And what a sweet wish, Alice - wish "for me" - love that. I think we all know what Darren wished for, and it's our wish, too. Get well D! xo