Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2: Settling In

I can't tell you exactly what month it is, day it is, what time it is...or even what I did all day...but I can tell you how much Darren's new kidney "output" each hour of the last 24.

The day started off a little slow..well, slow for Darren's body that is (if you've ever stayed in a hospital, mornings are anything but slow...I have mastered being able to jump out of my cot and fold it up in seconds flat, all while remaining's really an acquired skill.) His kidney function remained flat for most of the day. Not really doing any worse, but not doing any better. An ultrasound showed all normal blood flow, which was a relief...but its still a bit sleepy from its journey.

Around 11am he was given what's called induction therapy with a heavy dose of a very strong anti-rejection medication. Along with that medication he received some allergy medication to counter any side effects...however, what that did was knock him out completely for the entire day. Not a bad thing, he definitely needed the rest....but hard for me. I really hadn't gotten much of a glimpse of my Darren back, which gets a little depressing after a while.

However, around 7pm he started to wake up...and so did his kidney. More labs were pulled and the creatinine level, which measures kidney function (the short description), was holding steady, even slightly down. Darren and I took a long walk down the hall, he enjoyed his first food of chicken broth since Friday...and I got to see my Darren again. The one that makes me laugh and tells me how beautiful I am (and that's a stretch right about now...seriously).

I don't think that I can begin to express how proud I am of him, and how incredibly brave he is in the face of all of this. He's far from over the hurdle, in pain and discomfort, being poked and prodded...yet, he smiles and jokes and doesn't complain.

I'm encouraged by his progress this evening and pray tomorrow will bring more good news, even if it's just "holding steady" news. Our blessings are many, we feel His love and presence each step we take.

Praise God.


  1. still praying along with you - for healing, comfort and humor. :) love you guys.

  2. Sara, you are such a strong woman--being all funny and supportive and brave. Thanks for the updates and for being you! Darren is a lucky, lucky man :) HUGS, sweetie. Pee, Darren, pee!!! :)