Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 6: The Best Birthday Present

I can not think of a better birthday present for Darren today (or anyone really) and happiness. Its what we always wish for people, right., on Darren's 41st birthday, he gets that chance again. (He's had the happiness...but the health is a good addition.)

The news this morning continues to be good. His new kidney is slowly doing more and more. His creatinine is down to 8.5 from 10.5 yesterday, slow but steady. He has the 4th dose (out of 5) of a very strong anti-rejection med today that's done through his central line. The induction therapy lasts for 5 to 6 hours, so we should be heading home late afternoon/early evening as planned. Yay! He'll probably sleep most of the day due to the side effects of this therapy, but after being woken up every hour during the will be well deserved sleep. Other than a little sleep deprived, he is really doing great and feeling stronger each day.

We'll be back again every other day for lab work and follow up appts for at least a month, then the appts will slowly taper off as long as things are going smoothly. The first 6 months are the most critical, if rejection is going to happen it will typically be in this time period.

We can't wait to go home...and more importantly, see Alice and Fezzik. What a wonderful birthday this will be with a new lease on life.

Love to all of you and thank you for your continues prayers and support.

Darren holding his "fall risk" star right before they upgraded him to a "no fall risk"...along with a few of the PCT's....and a photo of the many many meds he'll be on for a long time.


  1. Happy Birthday Darren!! Man you look good in a gown :-) Can't wait to tell ya "Welcome Home"! Much love from the Yoders!

  2. I have, of course, followed your journey since your folks first clued us thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to you, hoping that this miraculous gift will be a complete fit!!

    You two (well, 3!) show such amazing love, tenacity, activism and optimism..hangeth in there!