Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 1: Getting to Know You

I'm not sure I have ever been more grateful to be sitting on a cot in a hospital room...well, maybe one other time seven years and two days ago.

Today has been a day of watching, waiting, resting and praying. Darren transferred from ICU this morning to a patient room on the transplant floor of the hospital. His new kidney is functioning, but has started off a little sluggish. An early ultrasound showed that everything was in working order, so the wait is on to see when it will wake up a little more.

This time around has been quite a bit different than the last. When Cynthia gave Darren one of her kidneys, it didn't miss a beat. It started functioning strongly immediately, and Darren started feeling good right out of the gate. However this time, coming off of 5 years of dialysis, it's been a little harder for his body to bounce back from the intensity of the surgery. Additionally, this organ not coming from someone in the surgical suite next to him...had a lot more time and distance to travel before it had a chance to start working again. In essence, it's been a day of "meet and greet" for Darren's body and this new organ (and I'm hoping for no awkward silences!)

We have been reassured that this slow start can happen, and we feel in VERY good hands here. The care has been above and beyond, they even humor all my questions, note taking and reading the labs over their shoulders (I know just enough to be dangerous, not enough to not ask dumb questions).

Continue to pray for the function of the kidney, and for Darren's body to accept this organ. These things are at their greatest risk right now. More very soon, all our love!

P.S. I spent an hour reading Darren all of your comments and messages from the last two days. He was overwhelmed with the love and support, it truly has lifted our spirits knowing what a blessing we have in our family and friends. Thank you!

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