Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 5: Playing Nice

It's only 10am, but we've got the news we've been waiting for! Darren's new kidney has started waking up and, as of this morning, his creatinine is down to 10.5 (from 12.4 yesterday). Wonderful wonderful news!

Darren will stay in the hospital until tomorrow, Friday, late afternoon/early evening. Then home sweet home! Of course we'll be back again on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday...and so on, but he should continue to feel better and better, stronger and stronger.

The prayer now is for continued function (we're not out of the woods yet) and the biggest foreseeable issue now is rejection. They will be monitoring for donor specific antibodies regularly, and of course we'll be watching for signs of rejection...but with his history, we know Darren's immune system is we're praying that his body will make an exception and take it easy on this one.

Thank you, again, for all of your continued support. We are so blessed by you.

He's looking like himself again!


  1. Oh, Darren, you look so good in a blue dress! Seriously man, you look great!! Can't wait to have ya back in the valley so we can bring you a Tutta Bella delivery! (or Frankies...your choice!!)

  2. He looks way perkier!! How awesome he gets to go home on his birthday :)

  3. My sentiment exactly! Happy Birthday, Darren! We're all happy to hear about creatinine levels and urination, but what we really want to know is if you're going to be able to enjoy a birthday cake? ;)

    Seriously, the Ryalls are pulling for you and thinking of you every day, love getting the updates, and are thrilled you are heading home.

    God Bless!