Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 4: Starting off pretty good

Today, so far, has been an encouraging day. It's only half over, but thought I would share what's happened so far.

The good news is that Darren's creatinine is starting to trend down (creatinine in a person with normal kidney function would be around .5 - 1.0, Darren's is 12.5 currently down from 12.8 yesterday). It hasn't dropped very much, but his doctors said that this is the first sign that his new kidney is starting to work. Typically, once the downward trend starts it keeps going. Encouraging news!

However, Darren isn't feeling all that great. A creatinine of 12.5 is still quite high, which means that on top of the pains of surgery, he is experiencing flu like symptoms that are wiping him out. As his creatinine continues to drop however (pray pray pray), he should start to perk up more and be less drowsy.

The other very exciting thing that has happened today (and you're going to get a sense of my world here for a minute...) is that they took the catheter out of his bladder this morning and Darren has peed for the first time in 5 years.... I see a happy future of reminding him to put the toilet seat down, which I haven't had to do in many many years. ;)


  1. Yay for the chance to be a naggy wife who gets to remind the man in the house to put the toilet seat down (although I have to say that I never have to remind my man about this. My son? Um, yeah... ;)! It's the little blessings that we need to be thankful for :)

    Hoping his creatinine level will continue to go down, I remember how quickly it went down with our surgery! Down, creatinine, down...

  2. For drizzle my shizzle! congrats on the pee pee. praying for downward trending on the levels - go go go. x.o.x.o...go.go.go

  3. Yes! It's the little things that count! Go kidney, go!, go wee wee go! Welcome back, Darren, to the land of we who urinate :).

    Much love!