Saturday, December 26, 2009

No news is in fact good news.

I've started several update posts the past few weeks, but with Darren home, back to work full time and the holidays thrown in there for good has officially been a chaotic month! However, now that Christmas has passed, I have a moment to sit down (in bursts, I still do have a 3 year old) and let you all know that...Yes, it is true, no news is in fact good news. ;)

Darren has been back home for almost 3 weeks, and continues to heal. He feels a little better each day, although recovery this time around has been slow. Even with this kidney working well, the extended amount of time he was on dialysis took such a toll on his body that it could be a while before he really starts to feel normal. However, with all that his creatinine is down to 1.93 which is the lowest its been yet. Couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift!

It's been a truly peaceful and blessed Christmas. I can't give thanks enough for Darren's recovery and the prospect of a healthy future. I'm also so thankful for the time with my family. I often think of the family of the woman who was the donor of this kidney, and through all the joy and thankfulness we feel I'm sure there is equal grief. We have an opportunity to write to her family, and I've started 100 letters in my mind...but never quite know how to articulate my gratitude. I guess I just hope that they'll find some solace in the fact that their loved one lives on through the life and health that she gave to others like Darren.

Thanks, again, to everyone for all of your love and support. I promise to do better posting good, boring, healthy news as often as possible. ;)

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