Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prayers for a friend today

Several months ago the husband of a good childhood friend of mine was tested to donate Darren a kidney. He was not a match to Darren, of course, but felt very lead to pursue living donation. He has, and tomorrow (Monday), he will be donating one of his kidneys to someone he doesn't know. And that person has someone who will donate to another, and hopefully a chain of donation will be started and not end until as many lives as possible have been touched.

Please pray today for Zach and his wife Suzi that the surgery will go smoothly, the recipients body will accept this kidney and that recovery will be swift and successful. I am in awe of what Zach is doing, and have goosebumps thinking of the life(s) that will be forever changed because of this amazing gift.

Below is part of an email from Suzi with a little more information about the surgery. When I was thinking of what I could do to support them, I knew that what was the biggest support to us through all of this was our amazing family and friends, and the power of your prayers. So pause today and say a prayer for Zach and Suzi, and for the recipient of Zach's kidney.


Many of you may (or may not know) that Zach is donating a kidney. We received a call last week letting us know that the date is set for Feb. 8th...coming up soon! The kidney will be going to someone we do not know, it's called a non-directed donation or benevolent donation. Zach was tested earlier in the year to be a match for a friend, but was not a match. He then felt that since he would be willing to do it for his friend, why not for someone else? He has really felt a specific calling to do this, and is as ready as he can be for Monday's surgery and the recovery phase.

Please pray for him in the preparation/healing, and most importantly during the surgery - Monday Feb 8th, starts around 7:45am and goes until around 11:00am. Prayer is the most powerful and meaningful thing you can do for us. Please also pray for the recipient and their family. Pray that the kidney would take and the recipient will have a positive outcome.

That's about it for now. Thanks so much for your friendship and support. We feel so loved by all of you



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