Friday, December 4, 2009

Heading in the Right Direction

Good news today, Darren's creatinine has started to go back down. It got up to a 2.7 yesterday and came down to 2.4 today. There had been talk of doing a kidney biopsy to check for signs of rejection, but since the creatinine is coming down and the donor specific antibody test came back negative they feel comfortable giving it another day of watching/waiting.

The steroids they started Darren on yesterday for the Serum Sickness have started to make a difference today. He has regained movement in his hands and arms, not 100% but much much better than yesterday. However, the joint inflammation has gotten worse in his knees and ankles since yesterday, so that has kept him bed bound. I think since his knees and ankles were affected later than his upper body, they might just be behind the curve a little. (That's my professional hospital rat opinion...and to think, I didn't even go to medical school...)

They are going to keep him here until he has better mobility, the pain is under control and they're sure his kidney function is normal....all this could happen by tomorrow or Sunday. I am aching for some normalcy in our lives, enough of the excitement for a while!

I'm very thankful that he's starting to feel better, and extremely thankful that it appears his body is not rejecting the kidney... Now if we could just keep ourselves out of the hospital for a while, and me off the hospital cot and hospital body would be grateful. ;)

P.S. Our official physician count is now up to 12...and surprisingly enough, I could probably name all of them if asked (but I can't tell you what day it is....I guess that's a fair trade).

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