Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home (take 2)

Darren is home from his second week long stay at the hospital in the past 3 weeks! I think we've logged our time (and have gotten our insurance's attention).

It is so wonderful to have him home and to know that he can pick up where he left off on healing from the surgery. He feels and looks good, it's such a blessing. This morning we got the news that his creatinine is going back down, which is such a relief.

I'm happy to leave the hospital food and excitement behind us for a while, and get back to celebrating the amazing gift of having a healthy husband and Daddy at home. Our deepest gratitude to all of our faithful family and friends who have swooped in and supported us through all of this, we really have felt and appreciated your loving support.

Glad we only have to deal with life one day at a time. ;)

Our comic relief showing off the fancy hospital socks while taking Daddy for a stroll...and "silly face" made by Darren's nurse. Oh the fun a 3 year old can find in a hospital!


  1. So very happy to hear it! Welcome home, Darren! All of you be healthy, stay healthy, and enjoy this glorious holiday season. xxoo

  2. YAY! Welcome home D! Love the happy pix. Thanks for being such a great blogger, Sara - this blog is awesome, and your spirit is always so upbeat and hopeful - I feel your energy! WE LOVE YOU!