Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Results In....

The results of the biopsy done on Darren's kidney came back late in the day today, and there are NO signs of rejection in his kidney! Wooohooo! Big exhale...

Dr. Cryst, Darren's Nephrologist, said the kidney does show some damage, but most likely that's because it's such an early transplant. It's very likely any "damage" it shows now will correct itself over time. In the meantime they have put Darren on extra IV fluid (Darren has not been able to drink more than a very small amount for 5 years so it's hard for him to break that habit) and he will at the hospital again tonight. They want to ensure that all his numbers look good tomorrow, so no commitment yet as to when he'll be able to come home...However, we all will sleep better tonight knowing that his new kidney is being made welcome by Darren's body. ;)

I know I say this every night, but thank you for all your prayers and support. We could not do this without our family and friends, you have been our rock.

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  1. All right! Tell me when you want some dinner and a visit. I was beginning to think that D didn't want my cooking. ;)