Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Words from a loving brother

Darren's brother, Mike, called last night to say he was having trouble posting a comment to this blog. I was, as I am every evening from 6 to 10pm, consumed with a lively child... so Darren told me Mike would email me his comment and asked that I would just add it to the comment section.

Well, what Mike failed to mention (thanks a lot Mike) was that I shouldn't read what he wrote when at work otherwise people were going to ask what was wrong with the blubbering girl sitting at her desk. (Allergies is my answer...)

This message—from a very loving older brother—does not deserve to be a "comment."


After reading the article today by Jerry Large [Living with Kidney Disease], I sat thinking and began to play Monday morning quarterback. What else could Mr.Large have said to drive the importance of this situation home? After contemplating the 'woulda's, coulda's, and shoulda's, my mind shifted to the positives. Thank God Mr. Large has seen fit to shine the light on not only on my brothers situation, but on the situation of kidney disease and its effects on individuals and families as a whole. Mr.Large's macro approach to shining the broad light is very welcome and necessary. When more people become informed of the the relatively simple testing procedures and the amazing and gratifying sense of selflessness and the knowledge that their deed has in fact provided the mercy and grace that we all pray for. Thank you Cynthia for not only saving my brothers life, but for providing an example for those who choose to donate or at least are contemplating the idea. Thank you Sara for taking the micro approach and shining the light on Darren's ordeal and making it personal. You single handedly have provided family & friends with hope and most importantly knowledge. With a soldiers spirit and an angels heart you choose to fight the good fight. You started a dialogue where before, people have been silent. You informed people whose minds were previously closed to the idea of donating. Most importantly you have given my brother the ability to see the possibility of living a long life; the ability to see Alice growing up; the ability to experience honest and selfless love. For this I will always be grateful. For all of you bloggers out there, you are being educated and informed. Spread the word, get tested, save a life; at the very least sign the back of your drivers license.

Michael Patillo

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