Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fighting words

I was checking out the Seattle Times article this morning and noticed all the comments made to it online. All good except for one very cynical individual who has jumped to some grand conclusions about Darren's situation (ie: that he did this to himself). My first Mother Hen reaction is to hunt that individual down and let them know the reality...however, after thinking about it, it seems a better approach would be to bombard them with our own comments to the article. So, if anyone sees fit, I'd encourage you to take a moment to overrun one sad individual's comment with many good and insightful comments. I mean no ill will to "pcadmingirl" from Capital Hill, WA...and in fact feel a little sorry that she/he lives in such a small mind. Too bad small mind learned to type.

Here's the link again, go get 'em! "Living with kidney disease"

P.S. I've heard that adding images to postings increases traffic, so here's a photo that shows how we feel about bad comments!

1 comment:

  1. That image will definitely increase traffic. I'm glad you mean no ill will toward "pcadmingirl" from Capital Hill, WA (I'm also glad you didn't include her phone number as well).

    I read the article and, though I am sure it could not do the topic all the justice it deserves, think it contributes along with everything else to shining a light on your family's situation and the issue as a whole.

    Keep up the good work, all of you. I know it is not in your nature, but all the attention is so important and can only help.