Monday, May 11, 2009

The Small Print

I am actually getting this blog off the ground! It's like the Christmas card that comes in July (trust me, I've considered that). I've been teasing for months that I was going to start a blog to keep information all in one place and allow people to NOT have their in-boxes filled with emails from me. So... here we go!

I plan to use this blog to keep family and friends informed of our journey in finding Darren a kidney, to include information on the testing process and to generally be a place of community and support for Darren. Thinking of the internet as "community" seems odd, but with friends living in far away places and with the busyness of our everyday lives, this is a way that we can reach and inform you... and you can reach back.

Before I get into my first official and informative post, I would like to include a disclaimer.... I am a smart woman, but somehow missed the "spelling" gene (as my family and Cynthia can attest). So, there is a high probability that you will encounter words that even spell check couldn't decipher. My tip is to just sound them out, and don't judge. ;) Also, I am not a writer. I can write, but it comes with great effort and many rewrites. So I will do my best to be timely with my posts, but know that much contemplation and many drafts may hold up my good intentions.

I will spontaneously send out emails to remind you to check the blog, but you can sign up as a "follower" in the right navigation area if you'd like to keep track. Also feel free to send this blog to others you think may be interested. Keep a look out for my next postings... I'll be putting up a video soon of the Patillo clan from a fundraiser we're involved in called the Breakfast of Hope for the Northwest Kidney Center, also a general update on where things are with the testing process for living donors.

Whew, I finally get to check this off my list (now I need to start my Christmas card for 09).


  1. Congratulations on your new blog!!! What agreat way to get everything in one place and keep all informed. My love and hugs to all of you!

  2. Thanks for doing this! Love you.

    Let's set a date and get together some Sunday after church!

  3. Wonderful! This is just wonderful.

  4. You'll do fine Sara. I am sure there are some third-party spell checking programs designed especially for Gerrishes! You'll have tons of people following this to see how things are going. Great idea!