Friday, June 26, 2009

Testing Update: Not a match

We heard back at the end of the day yesterday (Thursday) that neither Zach or Matt are a match for Darren. Darren's anti-bodies reacted strongly (adversely) to both Zach and Matt's blood samples. I'm thankful for a clear result (although, wish it was a clearly good result!) and know God has a plan, good thing we don't have to worry about that. ;)

We are disappointed, of course, but not surprised...and certainly not giving up hope. I'm confident that the right person/situation/kidney is out there, and we will be patient until then. We are so immensely thankful for both Zach and Matt for coming forward and committing to donating Darren a kidney, even if it wasn't to be. The hope and Grace we feel in our lives is ever present.

So, what's next? With your help we can continue to reach out, share and inform...and through that, I hope that the right person is found.


  1. Hello, I've been reading your blog and just wanted to touch base with you. I'm sorry you're having trouble finding a match - the story is the same for me. Fortunately, I'm not yet back on dialysis, my current transplant continues to hang on by a thread.

    It seems to me lately that, while getting more people to donate is great, we've got to find a way to encourage science to explore more options for those of us with high counts of antibodies.

    In some locations, donors can give both Kidney and bone marrow - it tricks the transplant into believing it is the donor's body.

    Well, in any event, I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to follow. We should really band together, those of us brave enough to be out here sharing our story.

    Best of luck. Please let me know if there are any ways you think we could collaborate.


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