Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Testing Update: Here we go!

Well, here we go....

I've been waiting to post an update until I had as much concrete information as possible. But I can't wait any longer. In the next couple weeks, Zach Entwistle and Matt Peloza are going to have the HLA and genetic typing test done to see if they could be a donor match for Darren! This is the very first (and big!) step in the testing process. Basically, this test will determine if Darren's body will react against Zach's and/or Matt's tissue. If it does, it means that they are not a match for Darren.

As most of you know, Darren has had a very high sensitivity due to the previous rejection, meaning he has many active antibodies ready to throw down and fight. This has been the reason none of the half dozen or so people who were tested for Darren several years ago were a match. Over the years he's been back on dialysis, his sensitivity has subsided...although still considered high, it's not nearly as high as it was when others were tested for him. All this to say, a match right now is about a 50/50 chance....I'll take those odds!

Although we are cautiously optimistic, we are unexplainable thankful for Zach and Matt (and their lovely wives, Suzi and Cami :). They're not only willing and ready to give a part of themselves, but with such compassion and confidence. The gift of hope they have given us is a true blessing.
Through all of this, what I hope and pray for the most is clarity and secondly, for patience.

Right now the test is scheduled for the next couple weeks. Once it takes place, we won't know the results for 10 - 14 days. I'll be sure to update the blog with the timing and results as things progress.

So...stay tuned!

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